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Cash Lease Insurance

All-new Cash Lease Insurance Protection guarantees farmers effortless protection against the risk of defaulting on their cash rent payments.
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What is Cash Lease Insurance Protection?

Cash Lease Insurance Protection is an all-new, first-of-its-kind, non-federally reinsured, supplemental insurance product designed by Hudson Insurance Company to cover lease payments made by farmers to landowners. In a business rife with uncertainty, from unexpected challenges like commodity market drops to weather events, farming demands a reliable safety net. This revolutionary risk-management tool guarantees timely lease payments, providing farmers peace of mind without the hassle of the CME.

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Cash Lease Insurance Protection is now available in these states:

South Dakota
Key Dates
Sales closing
April 1, 2024
Coverage billed
October 2024

Indemnity calculations will be based on the commodity price average throughout the month of October.

Cash Lease Insurance Protection radically simplifies risk
management for farmers, offering:

Peace of mind

Cash Lease Insurance Protection helps alleviate farm lease payment stress resulting from fluctuating markets and unexpected events. It enables farmers to focus on farming without added financial worry, providing the stability to plan and invest confidently.

Radically simple coverage

Free from complicated broker interactions and CME hassles, Cash Lease Insurance Protection takes the guesswork out of coverage. Farmers can enjoy the ease of a product designed with their convenience in mind, focusing on what really matters – their farms.

Fully customizable solutions

Cash Lease Insurance Protection is tailored to the unique needs of each farming operation. Farmers can select which acres to insure and select from a range of deductibles, allowing them to choose their level of risk for each field. This adaptability ensures that the policy fits like a glove, providing just the right amount of protection and flexibility for farmers.

Growth without limits

With Cash Lease Insurance Protection, farmers are equipped with the tools they need to explore new horizons without fear. By protecting lease payments and locking in revenue, this innovative product enables farmers to plan and execute expansion strategies with confidence. Think bigger with Cash Lease Insurance Protection.

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Lock-in your Lease Revenue

Protect your farming operation and financial stability with Cash Lease Insurance Protection from CommonGround Insurance Group. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process, assess your unique needs, and provide you with a customized policy that safeguards your interests.

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